praising the controller and maintainer

... in the Vaisnava Vedic tradition, there are
holydays called Ekadasi, today is one

... on this day anyone who observes a fast,
whether full or partial, will receive great
benefits in their lives

... the one main injunction, is that you should
avoid grains and legumes on this day... I guess
typically just drinking milk if needed

... as I tried to find the origin of who or
what Ekadasi was, and still is, I came across some
interesting explanation

... of course, I say still is because
everything still exists, only it's in a different Time

... the story comes from long before us, but Vishnu
had to fight a great demon who was harrassing all
the living beings, in this world and others

... the demon's name was Mura, and Vishnu had to
destroy it, because it was an unwelcome personification
of pure evil ... something Vishnu never expected
when He created the cosmos

... Vishnu never expected evil to personify, Vishnu and Mura battled mightily for
years, until Vishnu was so tired, he had to lay down
and rest

... upon seeing the resting Vishnu, Mura attempted
to go in for the kill, but out of Vishnu appeared
Ekadasi, a beautiful maiden who was so fast, that
she just cut Mura to pieces

... Vishnu, being thankful to Ekadasi, asked her what
she wanted as a reward, and she replied that Vishnu
should give great forgiveness to all souls who
fast on her holydays

... as to why grains and legumes are to be especially
avoided in the fast, is because on those Ekadasi
Holydays, the demon Mura, the personification
of evil, hides in the grains and legumes, to
avoid the wrath of Ekadasi

... as I let my mind drift over my conscious Time span,
I can almost see this suggesting that the development of
modern agriculture, the giant tractor mega-farms,
contains the embodiment of evil, in the sense
that it takes us from the more beautiful natural
world, where happiness, peace and quiet were
the rewards ... instead of money

... I just ate cheese today, a partial fast

... I sure look forward to seeing Vishnu, the
Controller and Maintainer of the creation

... happy Ekadasi day to all you more true devotees,
who are doing total fasts, and staying up all night

... I wonder about one more thing. If Vishnu is all
male, and only has one female avatar, Mohini; wouldn't
Ekadasi have to be Mohini?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu