the quantuum parallel universes

... if you really try to understand what the modern
physicists say about the true nature of reality,
you quickly realize that they imply that there is
a true magical nature to reality

... it's in the myriad of quantuum mechanical parallel
universes which we all create, everytime we make a choice,
one way, or the other

... my musings yesterday, about all the beautiful
sweet receptive girls, which I let pass by into
the river of Time, without ever sexually having
them, got me thinking

... now I see, those were giant quantuum
parallel universe switch points, and who knows
where those universes might have taken me?

... each woman, would have taken me into a different
direction, a different path, a different quantuum
parallel universe would have formed

... instead, I sit here, and wonder, what other
life paths I could have taken

... in the end, it dosn't really matter. Eventually,
as part of the human process, one gets faced with
mortality, no matter how rich, powerful, or famous
one is

... one quickly learns about the demi-gods above us,
and ultimately, Vishnu, the Great Maintainer and Provider
of the entire cosmos

... Krishna, is a bit beyond Vishnu, and generally
stays out of the material world, allowing Vishnu,
and the demi-gods to run the cosmic show, the parade
of souls

... Krishna is the form God likes to take, when
He is at home with his cowherd pals

... Krishna is the personality of pure
unadulterated happiness

... being with Krishna is where everyone wants
to be, where there is pure happiness

... it's a long way from earth, but it is possible
to get there, from earth, thru soul migration

... the soul transcends the limits of light
speed, into another dimension, and it can
get to Krishnaloka immediately at death

... as a matter of fact, I believe reading
in one of Prabupada's writings, that a true
devotee, dosn't even know he died

... he immediately transfers his soul into
Krishnaloka, and instantly forgets the earth
body he once had

... that is the way to go, if one is prepared

... just an instant shift of conciousness, to another
world, without experiencing any death birth cycle

... so as I started to say,
science concludes that the world is magical

... sh*t they knew that back in the cave-man days,
we really didn't need science to confirm it

... remember, every choice you make, splits the
quantuum universe into parallel worlds, the one
taken and all the others

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu