the way God looks

... if you accept the concept that perfection exists,
somewhere, somehow; then you come to the conclusion and
knowledge that the perfect Supreme Conciouness exists,
and has a manifestation somewhere,

... that place is what we call heaven, and that
Entity is God

... so, what does God look like?

... In my Srimad Bhagavatam readings today I
encountered this description by Prabupada:

The Original Person is one without a second,
yet He never appears old; He always appears
as everfresh as a blooming youth.

... and everyone wants to look like that,
as everfresh as a blooming youth

... so what is the secret to blooming youth?
Krishna knows.

... from my limited knowledge, youth seems to stem
from our genetics, and especially how our
DNA and RNA is affected by our environment and

... we are genes and a bunch of symbiotic bacteria,
packed in a skin filled with water

... the thing is, we were meant to age, grow old,
and ultimately die, so there is no use fighting it

... a really astute yogi or guru will tell you,
that ultimately, our minds control our genetics,
but we are so out of control mentally as humans,
that our genetic system runs on automatic, to keep
us from self-destructing

... if you try to live a lie, your genetics are affected,
and people can see it in your face. Not wrinkles necessarily,
but a sagging loss of youthful gleam

... it's called loss of face in China

... a truly inner seeking yogi, knows that
you don't have to grow old, but you still have to die

... it's all in the free will and the teleomeres

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu