will the good king ever come again?

... even though the schools teach us about how
wonderful and orderly society is suppossed to be,
as they should, the world is in fact, in a terrible
mess, teetering on a world wide collapse, and possibly
another world war

... war, as you know, is a great way to get rid of
alot of excess people, who would otherwise be spending
their time plotting to take down the existing
power structure

... the US is addicted to war, just as bad as a
heroin junkie, and if you know anything at all
about what is actually happening, heroin and
pain-killer addiction is a huge, under-reported
problem in the US

... a few state governor's have publically stated
that heroin addiction is the prime mover of their
state's economy

... it dosn't take an MIT genius to figure out
what is happening, since Afganistan has reported
the biggest poppy crop ever, and some US soldiers
have actually stood guard over poppy fields

... the ugly scenario which I fear is developing,
is to keep us all helpless slaves, to somehow
purposely cause people to be in dreadful pain
and despair, then offer relief to them, in
the form of heroin or pills

... thus they are trapped by the system

... would a good king condone this behavior?

... if anything, pain killers and even heroin
should, and could, be made available to those
addicted, at a cheap cost, at a pharamacy

... addicts would be issued ID cards and denied
driving licenses

... the modern West is seeing the fruits of
it's lifestyle, and there is alot of pain
to be spread around ... and money to be made
from alleviating it

... We are suffering from addiction to cars, eating meat,
boozing it up, too much ice cream and donuts, sitting
in warm houses, etc. etc. ecetera.

... excesses the Western economy has made possible

... so, until the good king returns, and puts
a good order back in place, we must deal with
the excesses of other people, and their desires
for the easy life

... the best advice is to take as little from
the system as you can, that minimizes the bad
karma which comes with the goods provided

... and whether you want to believe it or not,
karma is real, and you should be concerned with

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu