I wonder if

... I wonder if Dick Cheney, George Bush,
or any of their high ranking cronies, would
spill the beans and tell the truth about 9-11,
and who the real conspirators are and were,
if they were subjected to water-boarding,
or other enhanced interogation tactics

... I bet they would sing like canaries

... that gets me back to the original point:
The loss of American's privacy and freedoms,
came because of a false-flag attack

... the Patriot Act, and the loss of many of
our constitutional rights, was all predicated
on a big lie ... called the 9-11 Terrorist attacks

... how can this be reversed? Are we now stuck
with a fascist police surveillance state, all
based on a lie?

... this whole CIA torture investigation
will only open more questions, and point to
the truth about 9-11

... it's bigger than Watergate ever was

... some guillotines should be built, in
my estimation

... but, I'm just a poor wandering monk,
and fear retalition from the above-created
secret police, more than I want to see
Cheney and Bush dragged before the World Court

... in their defense, I would urge Bush and
Cheney to really explain what happened on 9-11,
so that they can defend themselves against
the murder of those people in the World Trade

... you have your chance now, to come clean,
before the angels have at you

... George Bush himself said regrding this:
May God's will be done, so he feels
justified in what happened. Surely, the
American People, and the world, would like
to know how all the nano-thermite got into
the debris, God surely dosn't want to hide
the truth.

... debris hauled away so fast, that proper
investigators had no chance to collect
full evidence

... so, Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, please defend
yourselves against these allegations, which
are so widely known, that there are hundreds
of credible youtube videos discussing it

... the whole lie has to end, it is detrimental
to the nation and world, it's an embarrasment to

... and please stop using the 9-11 excuse, as a
reason you tortured people, for as the world
can plainly see, you were behind both fiascos

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu