Cheney rears his ugly head again

... in the uproar over the rational for the
CIA torturing of Arabs, I found it hilarious
that Dick Cheney would still come out and assert
that a bunch of nefarious arab terrorists were
behind the 9-11 treachery, and using that
fact as the reason for making the
torture Ok.

... all anyone has to do to find out the truth
about 9-11, and who did it, is go to youtube
and search for 911 conspiracy

... furthermore, search for Architects and
Engineers for 911 Truth,, IIRC,
who will explain how those World Trade Towers
were brought down by skilled demolition
experts, not some planes.

... some videos are better than others, but essentially
Chaney and some big corporations have become
a mafia within the US government, hiding behind
secrecy everywhere.

... to cut to the chase, 911 was an inside job,
Cheney looks as if he was the head of the US side
of the conspiracy ... they blamed it on Arabs,
and it's called a false flag attack

... it covered up about 10 Trillion dollars which
his corporate buddies have looted from the US government
over the years

... he used it to get the Patriot Act passed, and
get unlimited surveillance of US citizens,
i.e. you and me

... all on a lie which he orchestrated.

... no wonder he had to get a second heart,
the man is a Frankenstein of the worst kind

... I found it quite disheartening to hear him
speak, he makes his lies sound convincing,
and makes me oppose organ donation

... look what evil it has allowed to continue on

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu