no pain no gain

... after listening to the current uproar over
the release of documents concerning torture
being done by the US government, I think of pain

... personally, I can't see the value of
torture, other than to please the sado-masochistic
urges of the perpetrators

... me? If I was threatened with torture, I would
give it up immediately. Bend my baby finger, and
I'll sing like a canary, making up something, if

... but that gets me onto the bigger topic of pain

... what is it? How can you develope a tolerance?

... I live with constant pain and stiffness in my
hips, and I know what debilitating pain means,
it's excruciating, but there is no choice other
than to feel it

... there is a saying which I learned back in
my younger days: no pain, no gain

... I have since learned that this adage, also
applies to life itself ... no pain, no gain

... so I wonder, what is this pain in my hips
trying to teach me? What does God want from me?

... intense pain causes the mind to change,
that is all I know, and I have plenty of recent
gains due to my pains

... when you get shown the truth by God, He makes
you sit, .... and I have been forced to sit.

... in an interesting coincidence, I've heard
NPR recently give a few announcements for a pain
relief clinic here in Georgia ... they call
themselves the Hemlock Society

... Socrates warned me about Hemlock, I'll stick with
the pain for now

... somewhere, I heard the phrase:
pain is good, it reminds you that you are still alive

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu