chicken feeding and dog politics

... we have a big bunch of free-range chickens, which
I feed and observe, as well as a few dogs, cats, and
other miscellaneous critters

... the barnyard politics always seems to be centered
around food, and as long as there is plenty, there
seems to be a minimum of fighting

... but oh boy, if there is not enough food, there
is chaos ... everyone becomes a killer and bully
for their food share

... you seldom see anything like the scene of
25 hungry chickens all battling for a small handful
of chicken scratch

... it's brutal

... but humans are the same way, the brutality
comes out in people, when they are hungry, and
they see the food which they can't afford, just
sitting on the company shelf

... another strange camp behavior is with dogs

... dogs have a certain pecking order, which shows
when there is more than 2 dogs brought together as a

... if a bone, treat, or piece of meat is dropped
on the property, the lead alpha dog gets first choice
at it. It is very bad form for a a lower ranking dog
to grab it first.

... such are the politics of the camp yard

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu