missed opportunities

... as I sit in my four cornered room, barely
able to walk, I realize what a great opportunity
I have been given

... when forced to face loneliness, death,
despair, and the daily chores of living,
mostly all by oneself, one is given a great
opportunity to see the truth about nature
and the world

... I was listening to a show on NPR, which
discussed the production of Foie Gras, the
fatty goose liver which some find a delicacy

... foie gras is usually made by force feeding
ducks, pretty cruel, but natural foie gras
can be had, but there is a trick to getting it

... the geese must think they are free birds,
and if they do, they will naturally gorge before
winter, making real foie gras

... not that I would ever eat it, but I use
the story to illustrate that sentient creatures
need to think they are free, even if they are not,
for them to see life clearly and be motivated

... now anyone with a half a bit of wisdom,
would get out on the farms, and be free.
Live in a tent if you have to.

... so, as I sit in my four cornered room,
I don't feel isolated at all, I feel more connected
to the cosmos, than I ever did in the city's

... the poor of today's america, are missing an
easy opportunity for spiritual advancement

... why? Because the daily grind and greed of
the modern ratrace, is absolutely detrimental
to one's soul, and it's ability to see the path
to true happiness

... so to be given a few years, to sit around,
get free food stamps, and contemplate reality
and your soul's position it it, is a gift from

... being poor is a fantastic opportunity, to
deny all guilt sent your way, because you ain't
the one getting rich and opulent from the wicked
ways of Babylon

... getting that bad karma off your back is the
first step, next step is get somewhere where you
can grow a good garden, and have a peaceful

... then reconnect with your God, which is the true,
and only worthwhile purpose in life

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu