craziness in the streets

... the news lately seems to be filled with
rallies and marches which denounce all the
police heavy-handed killings of poor people,
especially blacks

... this later one in New York, where a guy
was taken down for selling individual cigarettes,
and was accidently killed in the process, is just
a reminder of the 2 faced justice system in

... only in America now, it isn't whites versus
colored races, it is rich versus poor, the
.1% versus the 99.9% of the rest of us

... the police now, are just the defenders
of the wealthy, and the big property owners

... I immediately thought of the trigger event
for the Arab Spring set of revolutions, in
Tunisia. Remember, the little fruit boy vendor
harrased and killed by the police?

... the same heavy handed tactics are used in
the US too, but they are glossed over by
the media

... the Zeitgeist movement, says that this
craziness is the direct result of an aging
capitalist war economy ... it's all totally
predictable behavior, even the 9-11 treachery
was predictable, because that is what greed produces

... lying at the government level has gotten so bad,
that almost everything has to be kept secret

... people are not allowed to just sit back,
grow a garden, and praise the Divine all day

... instead we are whipped to make rent
payments, car payments, and whatever the
system can get you in debt for

... they don't even let us grow our own
food anymore ... everything is mass-produced,
and honestly, not that healthy for you to eat

... people are starting to crack under
the pressure

... it's pretty obvious the big system of lies
is about to implode, and fall of its own weight,
without any nanothermite involved.

... keep your cool when it all goes down

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu