zombies have more fun

... I was watching an old DVD zombie movie,
wherein a well-meaning geneticist's new
genetic cure for cancer, turned everyone
into wild zombies, who come out to feed
at night

... at one point in the movie, I had the
thought, that the zombies were actually
having more fun than the humans, and found
myself thinking maybe being a zombie
is better than being human?

... I had to laugh, because in one scene
the hero, doing an autopsy on a captured
zombie, failed to realize that
there was no cancer, ;-)
the vaccine was a success!!

... now the zombies had such great energy,
because their body temps were running
at 106

... we, on the other hand, run at 98.6

... running at that lower slower temp,
allows us to utilize enzymes, which get
destroyed if our body temp exceed 104

... that is why in the old movies, people
always put feverish people in a bath of
ice water, to prevent those enzymes from
being destroyed

... if you lose your stomach enzymes,
you die later from starvation, even though
you can still eat

... as you might surmise, I've been watching
alot of old Doc Martin episodes on DVD, and
the doctoring stuff is rubbing off on me

... I generally despise modern doctors,
and refuse to go to them, f*ck Obamacare

... but I like Doc Martin

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu