the zeitgeist movement

... I was watching an Abby Martin interview of
Peter Joseph, a founder of the Zeitgeist Movement

... all I have to say, is that Mr. Joseph is a genius,

... watch it yourself on youtube, and tell me this
man is not only the next Noam Chomsky, but he actually
looks like Karl Marx ... I would be proud of him
if he was my son

... for the first time ever, I saw Abby Martin sit
slack-jawed and mesmerized as Mr. Joseph explains
why things are the way they are, with precision and

... so my nominee for word of the year is Zeitgeist

... when I looked it up on Wikipedia, it is defined
something like this:
the prevailing winds of the Times
the motivating force in the mass-conciousness

... the concept of the mass-conciousness, is not talked
about much in the mass media, because that would expose
the secret of how a whole nation can be led along, like
a dumb ox, just by the songs the ox-maidens sings

... as I get wiser and more knowledgable in Krishna
Conciousness, I have learned is is best not to
spend too much time on politics, as it is generally
a very corrupt system

... and a corrupted soul won't make into heaven,
so what use is that path in life?

... the trap of opulence and power is the greatest
pitfall for a monk, on the true path ... many
have fallen

... it's the zeitgeist of December 05, 2014

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu