it's a bigger world than our original estimate

... our minds constantly expand, with more
and more awareness of time

... in my deepest mind, life has been a
game, between me and the devil, who is
trying to seduce me into making mistakes,
so that I veer off the correct path back
to Vishnu

... you don't know where the devil pops
up, as it's conciousness can occupy
people's minds, and make them do it's

... just as Vishnu has One Thousand Faces,
the devil has millions, and soon billions.

... I don't want to sound like I'm classifying
people, but if you've seen one devil, you've
seen them all. It's something about the
way their eyes look.

... but, what is the object of the Game?

... well, today, in the Vedic tradition,
Mokshada Ekadasi is celebrated. The 11th
day after the full moon.

.,. According to Vedic literature, this is the
most beneficial day one can fast, to
wipe out all sins of the past.

... anyways, one must fast all day, to be
broken at dawn tommorrow, when you must
eat a grain breakfast

...there are other Ekadasi's in the year,
11 days after the full moon, and 11 days
after the dark of the moon

... but this one, the Mokshada,
grants the greatest benedictions

... google for it yourself, if you are
unfamiliar with it. It is often referred to
as the day the Bhagavata Gita was spoken to Arjuna

... but there are many other sides to the story,
it's worth seeking out

... and learn to beat the devil at the Game.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu