meanwhile back to earth

... I learned an important new corrollary
to the old Buddhist adage,
chop the wood, haul the water.
It goes
chop the wood, haul the water,
and take the garbage out

Today, my Srimad Bhagavatam message was:

(written by Prabupada)

One should cease performing conventional religious
practices and should be attracted to those which
lead to salvation. One should eat very frugally
and should always remain secluded so that he can
achieve the highest perfection of life.

It is recommended herein that religious practice
for economic development or the satisfaction of
sense desires should be avoided. Religious practices
should be executed only to gain freedom from the clutches
of material nature. It is stated in the beginning of
Srimad-Bhagavatam that the topmost religious practice
is that by which one can attain to the transcendental
devotional service of the Lord, without reason or cause.
Such religious practice is never hampered by any
impediments, and by its performance one actually
becomes satisfied. Here this is recommended as
religious practice for salvation or transcendence of the
clutches of material contamination. Generally
people execute religious practices for economic
development or for sense gratification, but that is
not recommended for one who wants to advance in yoga.

It says alot about how lowly the souls of the
materialistic pleasure seekers have become

Contrary to Mr. Gecho's brainwashing,
Greed is NOT good.

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