the Vaikunthas or Krishnaloka?

... I recently learned of a great distinction in
heavenly levels, between the realms ruled by
Krishna, and the other Narayana.

... as of my current limited understanding
of it, Narayana, has 4 arms, and presides
over the Vaikunthas, a whole set of higher
dimensional planets. I've heard the residents
there seem to move in a constant dance, and
the constant sound of Om energizes all space.

... Krishna, who prefers a 2 armed form, presides
over Krishnaloka, a higher dimensional petal
shaped planet, where He and his cowherd friends
and lovers, make eternal happiness

... once you go to either place, you never want
to return to earth

... Prabupada has stated that about 90% of all
souls are in the heavenly realms, and only 10%
are here in the material world

... now, if you were facing certain death, and were
given the choice of which heaven to go to,
which would you choose?

... I would choose Krishnaloka myself, but I
would accept anything which is above the suffering
of the material world.

... all my life, as a male, I've fantasized over
the beautiful young female form, and as karma
goes, one becomes the object of his or her desires

... I hope that dosn't make me gay, if I'm talking
about my next life, and desiring to be a lover of
Krishna, on a beautiful cow farm on Krishnaloka

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu