and so, why do we exist?

... in the true spirit of christmas, let me
say what I see so far

... there is a thing called the Christ, and
then there is Jesus. Now some people equate
the 2, into Jesus Christ, but most people in
the world do not believe Jesus was the Christ

... Jesus provides a way to Christ, by way of
suffering yoga, wear you bear an invisible
cross all your life, and eventually give
it up for God

... we in the West, have been accidently
manipulated into believing that the Bible
is the only reality

... as an ex-roman-catholic, and pretty
much an ex-christian too, I must say
that there are much older books which explains
what is happening, especially the Vedic
texts, like the Bhagata-Vita, and the
Srimad Bhagavatam

... to put it in a nutshell, which
a second grader could understand:

We are souls lost in the material
ocean, or material world.
We seek some perfection, which we
can feel does exist in our innermost
thoughts, but we are so distracted by
the pleasures and pains of the material
world, that most don't know how to
seek it out.
The ultimate goal of all yoga, is
to attain a greater, more true, connection
with Vishnu, the Great Provider of all.

Once you discover Vishnu, you get 2 choices
of heavenly abode. One is the Vaikunthas,
a set of planets ruled by Krishna's incarnation,
Narayana, a 4 armed entity

The second option is to go to Krishna's world,
where Krishna, rules with His 2 armed form,
and just has eternal pleasure in the cow
pastures with his gopi friends

... So that's the message, there is more magic
to this world, than the Brahman Effulgence,
of white light and knowledge, with a seemingly
magical impersonal God.

There is a world beyond, God has a personality,
but He has long since stopped showing it to

... So why don't all people just go to heaven?
It's because the treachery of humans is well
known to God, and everyone must pass the earth
test, to get back in.

... the grading system God uses is a thing
called karma, so try and get yours in good

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu