and miles to go before I sleep

... now we officially enter the materialistic
doldrums, known as Christmas Time

... our souls, delude themselves into believing
that material gifts are true and lasting

... that warm friendly hugs will make the
big bad world go away, and make our
fairytales come true

... in reality, Christmas has become this
big hedonistic party fest, full of warm cozy
sex, lots of intoxication, and other material
indulgences too

... for those of you, who may not have been
brainwashed into beleiving in the Western Christian
holiday of Christmas, it's the big party week before
the NFL playoffs begin

... once you've seen a few of them, you have seen
them all, and it has since degenerated into
happless parades of old wino's, and reruns
of hollywood brainwashing christmas movies,
essentially manifesting the message, that
yes, Virginia, and yes Billie, Santa really
exists, and capitalism is good

... today, as a new Buddhist tradition which
I just invented, I will release the 2 rabbits,
who provided me with fertilizer all summer.
Released to the wild, as a gift to the forest gods,
who have treated me well.

... who knows, someday it may become a big Holiday

... 2 white rabbits, released on Black Friday

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu