the Ferguson affair

... man, after listening to any newscast of
late, you wonder what the real deal is about
in Ferguson, and the killing of M. Brown

... hey, I've been jumped and even stabbed
by blacks, 3 times in my life, but I've been
able to forgive, when I tried to put myself
in their shoes, I could see the raw deal
they get from Babylon

... what irks me, is all the proposed solutions
to this problem involves trying to educate all people
to be executives, scientists, and leaders ... something
that can't happen, because you only need 1 chief, everyone
else is just an indian

... all the solutions involve incorporating the
materially poor into the consumer society, absorb
them into Babylon, no matter how educated or skilled

... that gets us to the real source of revolution,
land reform

... the black people, and whoever wants to join them,
should be able to live cheaply and freely on
vacant lands ... the Black Muslims used to call
for moving all good believers to a separate area
of the United States

... what the Fergusons, and the myriad of quasi-slums
like it in America, need is restoration of people to the

... Setup communities of local farmers,
and give each man a plot to work, and have
the wives stay home baking bread everyday,
grinding the grain from scratch

... in other words, the Fergusons of the world
and it's peoples, need to setup little
villages and farms, and see to it that the ugly
yoke of rent is taken of off their backs

... M. Brown should have been out plowing fields
with an ox, not hanging around a slum strip,
drinking soda pop and doing drugs

... the answer is what the Black Muslims
proposed years ago

... get onto farms in the country, and learn to
live with God and nature ... be like the Amish,
good farmers and simple living

... living poor is Ok, I live poor, it's Ok
as long as everyone else around you is poor

... but it's a bitch, when you are poor, and
the neighbors are rich

... no one should be forced to work, but
it won't seem fair to give the same food
and lodging to people who work hard, as to
people who just hang out all day

... if they were smart, I believe all blacks
should learn about Krishna, and the ways to
live easily with cows on the land, even marginal

... the drawback to all this pie in the sky,
back to the land politics, is that it all
comes down to who owns the land, and what
it even means to own land

... and even more importantly, who gets killed
over land
... so, I expect this message from me, will
not be received well by many blacks who think
that money and earthly delights bring happiness

... knowing that you are an eternal soul, that
atma, is the true source of happiness, and it can't
be bought in Babylon

... and, your marches for more money from Babylon,
is a bad spiritual path

... it's not a revolution, unless you talk
about land re-distribution, thats a fact jack.

... that is why the capitalists fear the communists,
it's because the concept of who owns the land,
is very fragile ... great violence has been
fought over it

... so, get thee to some farms, build hamlets,
and get some homegrown gardens going

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu