a kick-starter idea

... if you know anything about yoga, gurus, swamis
and the like, you have heard of Rishikesh, India,
at the far north, near the headwaters of the Ganges,
Ganga ma, mother Ganges

... anyways, there was a beautiful blue Shiva, which
seemingly used to sit on the Ganges surface, until
flooding in Sep 2010, washed it away

... I also saw a recent youtube video of an
Indian local news broadcast which said that
the Shiva statue was found in a downstream lake

... I wonder how much it would cost to raise
Shiva and return him to his lotus petal on
the Ganges? Maybe use a kickstarter campaign.

... now I'm not a rocket scientist, although
I talk like one sometimes, but it seems to
me, Shiva's next lotus petal should be one
that floats, cleaverly tethered, so
no matter how high, or low, Ganga ma goes,
Shiva floats at the right level

... the intelligence of Brahma wants to help Shiva

... Shiva, although he is not at Krishna's or
Vishnu's level, he still helps us out here on earth

... Shiva does what is right, by the universe,
and by Krishna, but Shiva knows how to deal
with humans and their treachery

... Shiva will float again, on his lotus, in the mighty
Ganges for us, Om namoh Shiva!

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu