doing it without coffee

... when I left school and went of to camp
like Jack London, in Alaska, I actually
thought, with a few good hits of caffeine
in you everyday, you could make it thru
anything, even an arctic winter

... but one piece of advice my dad gave
always haunted me, he said
don't get into the coffee habit

... the other great piece of advice he gave was
don't get caught :-)

... I eventually got off the caffeine,
but fortunate was I, that for many days,
I could just lay around and do nothing. I actually
have pity for the citified rat-racers who
actually need the caffeine to jump start
start their mornings, or minds

... the reason I finally had to give up
caffeine, was that I could not sleep, and
I would have to do whatever, to try and

... being forced to get no sleep at night,
yet still have to work in the morning, is a
form of psychological torture

... I like sleeping better than my waking life.
My wakeup life is absolute torture, living in
a camp, needing a walker, and feeling all the pain,
is a pretty crappy existence

... I think when you truly start to see Krishna,
and approach Vishnu, you actually look forward
to dying, instead of fearing it.

... so that's what happens to you, when you
start to gain enlightenment

... what I see what coffee does, is it forces
your mind into the concious realm, but to be
happy you need the subconcious connection

... your mind needs to bob in and out of, and in
between, conciousness and subciousness, like
a boat that can float on the surface, or go deep

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu