Monday Morning, back to reality

... it seems that the weekends have become some sort
of dreamist escape from reality, where for a few days,
people can indulge in their fantasy lives, and make
believe that they have something to live for

... sadly for most Americans, what they live for
is next week's sports rivalries and more importantly,
the scores and point spreads

... I'm not perfect, but at least I don't gamble,
have illicit sex, nor eat meat

... but who is perfect anymore? Not many.

... so now, most people start that drudging
along, hoping these next 3 days go by
quickly and uneventfully, so they can get
to the next 4-day weekend, a holiday extravaganza

... meat, booze, hugs, kisses, everything

... eh, but even that will end, and the long
doldrums toward Christmas and New Years comes,
and one feels an increased sense of guilt for
not buying people more christmas presents, or
donating to the Salvation Army santa claus dude

... so, like all good servants must do, we plod on,
for another week, in service to Vishnu

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu