the message which I received today

... as I have started to awake to my paramatma's
wake up call to Krishna conciousness, I now
read a portion of the Srimad Bhagavatam
every morning, the first thing when I turn
on my computer ... it has become like the Tao
to me, as the daily message sure hits home
in being synchronous with my life.

So, this is from Prabupada's translation of
the Srimad Bhagavatam, which is a huge set of
books, or free pdf's. Google for them, or visit

By the way, Prabupada chastises all who don't
slowly and methodically go thru the Srimad Bhagavatam
set of books, in proper order, instead of jumping to the sexy
ending. It's bad form to skip ahead.

Anyways, I'm up to the Third canto Part Four -Chapters 25-33l
I said it's big. But it contains an explanation
of how we came to be, the origins of conciousness and time,
and I'm constantly amazed at how modern scientific discoveries
about the nature of the universe, seemlessly mesh with
no conflict, with the Vedic teachings

From Prabupada's Srimrad Bhagavatam

Today the message was:
( unprintable sanskrit omitted )

By discovering the faultiness of his desiring to lord it
over material nature and by therefore giving it up, the living
entity becomes independent and stands in his own glory.

Because the living entity is not actually the enjoyer
of the material resources, his attempt to lord it over
material nature is, at the ultimate issue, frustrated.
As a result of frustration he desires more power than the
ordinary living entity and thus wants to merge into the
existence of the supreme enjoyer. In this way he develops
a plan for greater enjoyment.
When one is actually situated in devotional service,
that is his independent position. Less intelligent men
cannot understand the position of the eternal servant
of the Lord. Because the word "servant" is used, they become
confused; they cannot understand that this servitude is not
the servitude of this material world. To be the servant of
the Lord is the greatest position. If one can understand this
and can thus revive one's original nature of eternal
servitorship of the Lord, he stands fully independent.
A living entity's independence is lost by material contact.

... in my words, being poor is freedom because it
free's one's mind from the shackles of the material world,
and that is true wealth available to all people
... just a simple switch in thinking, and you become a child
of the soul universe, not just a piece of meat wandering
aimlessly on earth

... it's interesting, because I'm finding myself looking
at the idea of leaving all my possesions behind, and heading
for India, the headwaters of the Ganges, where it all starts,
and live in a guru ashram camp

... leaving it all behind, knowing I'll most likely, at my age,
I may never come back, the last life of a 9-lived cat

... I encourage all people to learn more about Krishna
Conciousness, as it gives the answer as to what and where
heaven is, and how are you going to get to heaven, if you
don't know where it is, or what it's like?

... remember too, the Devil, as we know it, actually works
for Krishna, because he holds onto the souls who don't
want to, or can't, return to heaven.

... Krishna has us covered anyone you analyze it, but if
you really want to stay in the material world, remember the
full return gaurantee given:
Try God, if you don't like it,
the Devil will always take you back.

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If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu