Om namah Shiva

... it is understood, that when one prays
to Shiva or Brahma, in the right frame
of conciousness, it gets passed on to
Vishnu and Krishna

... Shiva does not claim to be the highest
entity, and always informs people in his camp,
that the true source of all is Krishna

... but in today's world, one must have
a place for Shiva, in your conciousness,
just as a reminder of how truly dangerous
the world has become

... the world always was dangerous for
people. Tiger, bear, and wolf attacks
used to take a real toll on the camps

... Prabupada says it is foolish to waste
time with Shiva, since Krishna will protect
you anyways, and protect you even better
with His superior control over Time

... humans just have no clue on how their
future is being created, by intelligences
far greater than our own

... Some Zen truths are:
... what comes around, goes around
... the bigger the front, the bigger the back

... when the good kings stilled ruled, and
we had honorable military leaders, everything
was better, because they knew the validity of
those truths

... now, corruption and money-making have
taken priority over the spiritual well-being
of the people

... so, I ask Shiva, to come down and take
a look at what is happening now in the world,
and re-establish an honorable peace

... my personal thought on the Palestinian
tragedies is this:
Israel completely retreats to the original
official 1967 borders.

All illegal Israeli settlements, would then be on
Palestinian lands, and the Israeli's need to pay leases
or rents, to their Palestinian landlords.

Ain't that karmic justice? :-)

When the Israeli's get tired of paying rent
to the Palestinians, they can move out, and
let Palestinians move in.

After such a fair deal, any further aggression,
by either side, will be repaid by Acts of God upon
the perpetrators of aggression, with Bible style vengence

... bad luck will pour down from the heavens above
for violating the agreement

... thats the way I would suggest Shiva, and
the whole pantheon of beings looking down
upon us should take, as they take actions in
the higher realms to fix the injustices.

... so, Om namah Shiva!

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu