the truth

... I was listening to an interview with
Noam Chomsky and Abby Martin, and good
old Noam points out that there is some
statute in international law which states
that if any country aggressively invades
another country, for whatever reason, the
invading country is responsible for whatever
the outcome is. As such, the Western alliance
against Saddam and the fiascos in Iraq
and Afganistan are our total responsiblity

... that means ISIS is the US's fault, it never
would have happened if Saddam was left unfettered,
but oh yeah, it's that oil again

... a bill is being introduced in Congress
calling for the elimination of the
redactions in the Official 911 report.
What a joke that report was.

... anyways, it all comes down to why I hate
cars with such a passion, society should be
set up so people can walk and bike everywhere.
Maybe rent a truck every now and then to get
supplies, but this crazy driving for the sake
of driving is nearly killing the planet and society.

... if you want sanity in the society, bring
back the concept of the local baker, and
neighbors who you see and spend all day with,
walking and biking supplies around

... women stay home, sorry but I don't even think
women should drive, it f*cks them up. IMHO They don't
seem to understand the karma of the car, there is no such
thing as a free ride

... that brings us to oil, and the above mentioned
redactions in the 911 report

... it always comes back to oil for the vehicles,
for the car crazy people of Kali Yuga

... what is the solution?

... the US needs to withdraw from the far-flung
reaches of the world, and as Jesse Ventura suggests
limit any unilateral military uses to 500 miles
of our natural borders.

... the existence of cars has absolutely ruined
my happiness on earth. If I was to give my number 1
reason why modern society sucks, its the car.

... the car disrupts all natural societal interactions,
by letting people split out of their neighbors and go
invade some others

... enough said, we are stuck with cars for now, and
even I need to ride to the store and visit others

... we should all be closer together, but in nicely
designed circular communities where no cars are
allowed inside the perimeter. Schools, factories,
markets, should all be within walking or biking distance

... poor leadership in the past allowed us to become
hooked on petro-powered transportation

... I want to see the anti-911-redaction bill to
pass, because I want to be enlightened, and that
can only come from the knowing truth

... if you apply the old truth selector of Cui Bono,
who benefits, the reason you terrorize people,
is to drive them off their lands, and that looks like
what ISIS is doing .... driving the people off their

... who is behind it? Removing those redactions will
let the truth shine out

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu