travelling at the speed of light

... Einstein's equation E = m*c(squared) has some deep
philosophical implications

... what it comes down to, is that too much information
slows you down, your psychic mind becomes
so bogged down, that it cannot procede at
full speed ... it's a bow wave on conciousness,
impeding progress towards the speed of light

... some respected astro-physicists say that
when you fall into a black hole, the mass
disappears into the hole, but your information
stays on the surface of the blackhole

... some say it has already happened, we
are in a black hole now, our information
is on the surface of the hole, and what
we call call reality, is just some
higher-dimensional hologram, where we
live out our dreams, and nightmares,
as reality

... the world of modern science is discovering,
or starting to discover, how God works, in
manifesting future realities

... think of a higher dimensional hologram,
but instead of laser light as a power source,
it is our conciousness, which thru some mystical
mechanism, can make material objects
appear, or dissappear, or alter form

... but back to the important issue, escaping earth

... the Vedic books and Srila Prabupada
teach that one must traverse across the
entire material universe, to the outer
shell boundary, then break thru

...breakin on thru to the other side

... I figure I better learn to get to
light speed, and maybe a quantuum tunnel,
or 2, to get to the other side, to Vishnu,
and the Vaikunthas

... so it is useful to keep track of what
is going on in the world, but remember, your
ultimate goal is to attain light speed,
and information slows you down

... and your destination, is to come before
Vishnu, for judgement, and reassignment to
a new home world

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu