doing the rain dance

... I heard an audio tape about the history of
the Great Plains, and the one fact bouncing
around in my head today, was the:
Plow fields, it brings rain
campaign by the Railroad companies of
that time period

... they would even issue fake weather
reports showing rain came where fields
were plowed near railways, as a means
of getting people out there to homestead

... I think there is some scientific evidence
that planting trees on a large scale, can help
bring rain, but plowing not so much

... I do envy the land the old sod busters
had out there on the prairies, pure virgin
topsoil, protected by a thick mat of sod,
and pounded and dumped on for years by
huge herds of buffalos

... it's the opposite of what I have here,
pure sand, somehow this must have been
the ocean shore many millions of years
ago ... it's a beach in the middle of no-where

... but getting back to rain, according
to ancient vedic texts, there is a god Indra,
who controls the rain

... now you may scoff, but I believe it.
King Indra is real and exists in a dimension
slightly above those of us, here on earth

... the old Indian Tribes knew about Indra,
and they did the rain dance, to draw his attention

... I learned about Indra in my early days,
when I would beg whatever god out there who controlled
the rain, for free water for my garden

... what Climate Change really does, is mess
up the mechanisms which King Indra had setup
for delivering rain

... we humans f***ed it up, not Indra

... if I lived in California, or any drought
ridden place, I would be getting as many people
doing the raindance as possible

... but the people out there are of a more
scientific bent, and will probably have to
divert water from WA and OR, or build
many desalination plants, which would
be the preferred choice

... me?, I still pray to Indra

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu