is there really any hope?

... I just have to throw my hands up in the air
over frustration that more attention is not
being paid to the treasons of 9-11, and how
that lie has tainted all future prospects
for American leadership in the world

... the truth must become commonly known, so that even
school children will know, that 9-11 was carried out
by the American government, in order to create
an unsurpassed surveillance state, and completely
subjugate it's citizens to corporate control

... we have been stripped of our constitutional
rights, the mainstream media spews out complete
lies and falshoods about 9-11 terrorists and
the coverup of the rocket hit on the Pentagon

... in order to beat the lie into the sheep,
the media constantly refer to the 9-11 terrorist
attacks, instead of the treason and treachery
of the Bush-Cheney administration

... It has gotten so bad for me, that I don't
think I could say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore

... who am I pledging to? The Great American Ideal?
or the massive game of mind control played on us
by the military industrial complex?

... we need need protection from our own government,
not Al-Queda nor the IS

... I do wish I could exit the US, just for the
psychological reason of I can't believe the lies anymore

... but at my age and condition, I am stuck where
I'm at ... eh, but the illusion is over for me,
and I have to die somewhere, it may as well be here

... I still want the truth however, because I can't
base my life descisions on lies from the government

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu