sending up the Bat symbol

... just like in the Batman movies, when
Commissioner Gordon, flashes the bat symbol
on the clouds, to call for Batman, it is
time now, for the signal to be sent again

... the great hope of the world, the United
States is descending into a fascist dictatorship

... essentially organized crime of the highest
order, has gained complete control of the government

... we, are under their control. They control
the major media, the government, the schools and
universities, and almost all aspects of daily
life, including your employment

... now, before you jump to a negative reaction,
remember what fascism really is: it is government
run by, and for, the benefit of the corporations

... if done well, the people in general like
fascism, as long as the corporations do a good
job of feeding, housing, and entertaining them

... the majority of people in Mussolini's Italy,
liked his fascim, but it didn't last long

... what we need is for Batman to come and
hold a new Constitutional convention, so the
people can address the issue of corporate
control of the United States, and it's
consequent destruction of democracy

... call them Demopubs or Republicrats,
the are all part of the same gang

... your vote is useless, just look at what O'bama
promised, and what we got

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu