first really cold blast

... well it happens every year, the cold
weather comes back. Gone are the easy
days of running around barefoot in
T shirt and shorts, and now comes
the reality of cold

... because of our limited time spans
as humans, we don't think everyday about
our big planet maintaining somewhat reasonable
living conditions for us

... but the general trend is to have ice ages
every so many thousands of years

... so even if global warming is occuring due
to climate change, the real worry long term
is another ice age descending upon us

... we can speculate as to why, from deep
astrophysical theories on how different
regions of spacetime may affect how
the sun will burn hydrogen, to the gods
themselves controlling it all

... but the fact is, that solar system, and
even the earth, is a pretty cold desolate
rock without the sun warming us up

... so the thing to appreciate right now,
is how nice the weather generally is on
earth, because it could be, and probably
will, get worse

... I saw a youtube video of a guy who
exhibited thermogenesis, that is he could
just burn more food and fat to stay warm,
even in arctic waters

... stories about abound about monks in
Tibet and India who could do thermogenesis

... I got to get my thermogenic generator
fired up

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu