Vishnu or Krishna ?

... well today is All Saints Day, the day after
halloween, and in it's honor, I would like to
share my thoughts about what is God?

... so you have a gazzillion different names
people call God, but mostly it comes
down to God, Allah, Jehovah, Vishnu, Krishna,
and even Jesus

... Jesus gets believed in as God, but clearly
he was a son of God, even the bible says that

... anyways, to escape the confines of the
Illusion of the Brahman Effulgence, I had
to look for a religion which explains God,
not in terms of what God and mankind are all
about, but a God that encompasses all lifeforms
throughout the universe

... the Buddhist thinking, one comes to realize
that conciousness itself, is the God we have been
looking for

... conciousness permeates the universe, thru
another dimension that we cannot understand

... our brain waves interact with this dimension
thru conciousness

... any creature that does this, is considered
to be sentient

... so, my religion of choice, is the old Vedic
teachings, which thanks to the mercy of Vishnu,
Prabupada brought to America

... these books talk about the other worlds,
and exactly what God is, and what our true
position is vis-a-vis God, in this existential
experience called humanity

... so, what is the difference between Vishnu
and Krishna?

... Vishnu is the form the Conciousness takes
to create and maintain us, here in the material
universe, so for most people, when they speak of
God, they speak of Vishnu, the Great Maintainer

... but there are dimensions and worlds beyond
our mind's grasp, worlds of pure energy, with
no mass contamination

... that world of pure energy is where God
likes to exist, His home, the place He likes
to enjoy Himself, away from the worries of the
material universe, He lets Vishnu handle that

... to put it simply, Krishna's conciousness
is just pure, unadulterated happiness, He don't
need to hear about earth

... so when you aspire to gain entrance to the
pure energy worlds, you must encounter Vishnu,
who stands like Saint Peter, at the Gates

... Prabupada said in one of his writings,
that we really should be a servant of Vishnu,
because in all honesty, most of us won't qualify
at death, to go to Krishna's world

... but, if we satisfy Vishnu, we can be allowed
entrance to to the pure energy world, where
once freed of material contamination, we can
learn to move closer to to the source of pure
happiness, Krishna

... if you have to be concious, you may as
well be happy, Krishna is the source of true
eternal happiness

... Vishnu just delivers the happiness to us,
in the material world

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu