coming out the other side

... my computer went out, with a series of
very strange problems, right after I posted
my previous post, the eye of the tiger

... well, I'm back. It was a strange problem,
because I had a backup hardrive, still sealed
in it's wrapper, and went I went to replace it,
it too failed .... so I thought, must be a bad

... luckily, I found that both harddrives were
bad, and my computer could be revived with an
old, smaller disk I had in storage

... but during the meantime, I learned something
I saw when I was young, and that is being around
anything produced by Babylon, will interfere
with seeing the truth

... so, with my internet out, I decided to ditch the
radio, tv, phone, and all other electronic gadgets
we have become dependent on

... I realize I am so much happier, not listening
to the news, the propaganda of the military industrial
complex, or wasting hours on youtube videos

... the computer of today, reminds me of the
old crystal ball of legends, and the fact that
those who gazed at the crystal ball too long,
went blind

... I see a sort of psychological blindness
which comes from staring at a screen for too long

... people walk around with a blank stare, like their
minds are elsewhere

... so, I still will fire up my crystal ball every now
and then, to update this blog, or check mail, etc.

... but my soul wants to stay a away from the
illusory world the crystal ball engenders

... I would be much happier on a 40 acre horse
farm, growing my grain, but the rat-race world
is destroying that economy

... Prabupada referred to them as little glow-worms
in one of his videos

... sooner or later, they will all be gone

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu