the eye of the tiger

... some call it Mercury in Retrograde, some
call it rough psychic weather, and others just
call it the eye of the tiger

... there seems to be times in the flow of
things, wherein things are just tough going

... but you must head out that door, and
face the tiger, face your karma, and
go thru periods of instant karma

... that is what war is like, from moment
to moment, one faces death, and you
can't stop it from coming

... even if you hide in the deepest bunkers
made by man, death can find you

... the controlling deities and spirits
are in an adjacent dimension, and their
conciousnesses can penetrate anything
in the material world

... we, as humans, are in a very weak
position vis-a-vis the gods

... the only thing we really have going
for us is our free will, because even
if the NWO unjustly throws you in a dungeon,
you can be sure, the gods will take retribution,
because you can still communicate your situation
to them thru thoughts and prayers

... so keep your connection to your soul alive,
so you can communicate with the gods, who
ultimately control your space and time,
here on earth

... the great Brahma, thru the magnificent
Brahman Effulgence, shows the secrets of the
material universe to anyone who can understand
the what the words mean

... unfortunately, it involves concepts like
10 dimensions, quantuum mechanics, advanced
equations using tensors, and numerous other
mathematical techniques, to describe the
way it works

... if you want a simple explanation, from
the other side of the brain,
thoughts are projections into the quantuum
foam of the future, and they shape the foam
into what one's desires are ... et voila, the
future happens

... if you want to boggle your mind for the
rest of your life, ask yourself this:
how did the past become the future?

... when you figure that out, when you figure
out secret of the River of Time, and then you
have a clue ... and just might be able to work
some magic

... but be cautious there sorcerer's apprentice,
because when you are in the eye of the tiger,
you can be dead in an instant, ripped to shreds
by the tiger

... but to survive the tiger, is worth the risk

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu