surviving the big wave

... after meditating awhile on the destruction
of civilization, by natural causes, such as
a massive gravity wave, or giant asteroid
collision, I wonder: who will survive?

... the youtube videos on UFO's say the
aliens are digging in deep, building
large carverns for themselves, say
2 or 3 miles deep under solid rock

... we, stuck here on the surface, may
want to look at mass producing geodesic
domes, to be used as emergency shelters,
by the millions who are forced into

... although Buckminster Fuller didn't
address the issue of cosmic tidal waves,
in his book, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth,
he sure did us a favor by illuminating
our minds about geodesics, which is essentially
a first step toward making an eggshell

... and the eggshell is the perfect shape
for resisting external forces, such as
wind, projectiles, and a quaking earth

... is the government doing anything
to be ready for massive daily earthquakes
on a daily basis?

... What happened to our grain reserve?
We used to store, on docked ships, enough grain
to last us 3 years of lost production

... considering the dire circumstances of
the world right now, wouldn't money spent
on a national emergency food and water
system give us more security than the insane
concept of bombing Syria and Iraq forever?

... get out of the bomb making business,
and into the business of making kevlar geodesic
dome tents, with stock PVC water pipe as the
struts. Portable and easy to store.

... in the meantime, before any disaster occurs,
they can be given to homeless people for testing,
and that solves another problem

... I can see now, why the various government
agencies have been buying alot of ammo, and
I have to say, they are just being prudent

... ammo will be very hard to come by, if
such a disaster hit, and ammo stockpiles
are better in the hands of the government,
and not the gangs

... but the real killer will be the resurgence
of things like Typhoid and TB, which will
spread like wildfire thru the refugee camps

... I have no idea, why the earth's population
was allowed to get this high, without proper

... according to the various UFO buffs out
there, this solar system is capable of
supporting trillions of people, if it
was managed right

... the current human civilization has
not reached the point where we can
control ourselves

... greed-driven war, and violence is everywhere,
and it just never changes

... I like humans, but they don't know how
to behave, they get greedy and violent,
and should not be allowed off of earth

... because true survival of the coming
cataclysm, comes from your soul transcending,
at which point, you look back and realize
what a screwed up, temporary world this

... what is truly illuminating about all this,
is that really poor primitive peoples, will
survive with little trouble, because they
are free of dependencies on modern civilization

... it's the people in the modern world, who
will be at greatest risk, so God is very just
in that regards, because from His viewpoint,
we civilized humans destroyed ourselves by
attempting to make ourselves into gods.

... the peasant village farmer will have
to deal with re-routed creeks, and wells
that need redigging, but city people will
be at a total loss, without electricity,
clean water, toilets, and eventually, without

... the living will envy the dead is
a phrase commonly used to describe the aftermath

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu