the big wave coming

... I wasn't an expert in school, but I learned
enough to read the tea leaves

... as I've been watching various scientific
related videos on youtube, especially relating
to what matter is, and the quantuum universe,
i ponder

...what I walk away with is an uneasy feeling
that what I call a hyperdimensional event
is imminent to occur, and the whiz-kids
at Nottingham, lead you to believe that
an intense wave of gravity could hit
us, the earth

... what it amounts to essentially is this:
spacetime can propagate gravity waves at
the speed of light, which travel thru
anything in it's path, because it is the

... the spacetime path for earth and our
solar system will be jostled around by
a gravity wave

... imagine we, on earth, are floating
on an ocean of invisible super-small
particles or packets of energy, so
space isn't empty, it's an ocean we
float on ... to us it appears miraculous

... the waves in this ocean are normally
very calm, but occaisionally big waves appear,
gravity waves

... these waves will affect the gravity of
the earth as it passes thru. Humans would
only feel that riding-in-an-elevator funny
feeling in the pit of their stomachs

... we would enter a phase of gravity
heavier or lighter than earth, then as the
gravity of the earth and the wave are
additive, in one half the wave oscillation
we would be too heavy, then one half too light

... the whole solar system would start to
wobble, as their gravitational variables
shifted around, and more importantly to
us, the earth's core and mantle would
start oscillating ... this would lead
to massive earth quakes happening day
after day, until it all settled down

... we wouldn't be able to repair the
infrastructure fast enough to keep up
with the damage ... it will become

... the amount of ringing the
solar system does will depend on the
source of the wave

... it's sort of a cosmic tidalwave

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu