that smell

... very seldom do I gripe about something,
but I almost feel like someone is using chemical
warfare weapons on me

... it's that bright fresh smell of that cheap
laundry detergent ... a smell so foul it
even makes my eyes burn

... who makes this shit? The air in my yard
is constantly polluted with the smell of
laundry drying after being washed with that

... I come out to the country to live a
simple life with no bad air, and what do I get?
... that shitty lemony smell all over, just
wafting around the yard

... laundry was done, by a neighbor, around here
yesterday, and this morning when I opened the door
to let the dog out, the smell of that lemony shit
was the first thing that hit my face
... even the dog refused to go out

... the shit causes me to get ear aches... I don't
know how, but I have a definite inflamatory
response against it ... maybe the chemical inflames
my sinuses

... who are the people making this shitty smelly
laundry detergent? And how are they being allowed
to pollute large areas with the fake fragrance?

... is it chemical warfare testing being done on
the public? On me? I do not approve of this chemical
being forced into my airspace.

... OK, I'm done ranting now.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu