getting past the Brahman Effulgence

... as I have moved forward and upward towards
a higher conciousness, I see the problem with
getting past the Brahman Effulgence, the Great
White Light, which bathes the universal hologram
with thoughts of genius and wisdom, the true
source of illumination in this world

... the problem according to Prabupada, is that
Buddhists stop at the Great White Light, and setup
their lotus blossom there, to bathe eternally
in the brilliance, and to propagate good thoughts
and wisdom towards earth and all creation

... the Buddhists do not know that there is whole
world beyond the Brahman Effulgence, because to admit
the possibilty, would imply there being a personalized God,
an idea which they do not find logical nor appealling

... so after sitting many years on their lotus blossom,
they desire companionship and form, and re-incarnate
again, in the material world, because they know of no other

... but truth is, is that there is a whole other
universe of pure energy out there, and Vishnu
stands at the Gateway, keeping matter out,
and bad souls too.

... matter is considered contamination in the
pure energy world, and bad souls create chaos

... now Krishna, which is God's original and
preferred form, lives on what is described to us
as a petal shaped planet. Who knows what
the physics of a pure energy world would be?
Mathematically I can see how the shapes would
form. The physics of pure energy may very well
be aligned with thought energy.

... the Tibetan Monks hint at this world beyond
all material existence, in the Tibetan Book
of the Dead, where they portray the last bardo,
or spiritual room which you pass thru,
as a mysterious door, which leads to the unknown.

... so even though the Buddhists don't specifically
believe in a personalized God, they leave it open
as a possibility, in the unknown

... most Buddhists are quite happy to just
chop the wood, and haul the water,
coming to the zen realization that the
truth is inside the inner mind, not in
outside world

... the zen realization is that if you mind
your karma, and live simply, heaven will
take care of itself ... no need to actively
seek it out. Just chop the wood and haul the water.

... but if you descend deep enough into your
inner mind, there sits your paramatma, that
little bit of Vishnu put inside each of us,
to guide us beyond the Great White Light,
and onto the Vaikunthas and hopefully,
ultimately, Krishnaloka.

... zen brought me to Vishnu and Krishna,
through the great teachings of Prabupada.

... so it does seems true that all paths lead
to the same Truth

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu