the world has become
a dangerous place

... if you read the real news out there, it scares

... the threats are large and real, and the faster
pace of civilization, the faster the rat-race,
and the faster disaster spreads

... even Ebola, is a new kind of scare, a real
egalitarian scare, because it dosn't care how
rich or powerful you are ... the rich die as
well as the poor ... death with no class

... when I was young, I dreamed of an isolated
piece of earth, where I could live without the
viral diseases of Africa threatening me

... but I read that LA County has also reported
that mosquitos carrying Yellow Fever and Dengue
are being detected

... they have been around for years, yet we all
have somehow survived

... I was telling a friend of mine, that real
yogi's choose when to leave their body

... so fear not, if God wanted us all dead,
it already would have happened

... but each and every man, woman and child
on earth must face death eventually from
one thing or another

... so the wise, are always prepared to die,
and because of that attitude, more life and
awareness comes into you

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu