Mars is a no-go

... I read today a report which says that
any colonists on Mars would probably die after
68 days from lack of oxygen

... sounds plausible. Their argument goes that
plants need to grow on Mars and produce oxygen,
will probably produce too much O2, causing venting

... so, any current mission will require them
to carry their own oxygen, which at current
carrying levels, would last them 68 days

... I don't know about all of this. First of all,
won't they build near the poles where frozen water
is available? If so, all they need is a nuclear
powered generator, to melt the ice, and split
the water into H2 for fuel, and O2 for breathing

... additionally, recent Chinese research has
produced splitting of water with as little as
1.4 volts IIRC.

... this makes to possible to use solar cells
to produce fuel and oxygen, and with Mars
so exposed to the Sun, specially designed
Martian solar panels could be even more
efficient than here on earth

... I think taking earth plants to Mars
is not a good solution anyways

... I would look to growing tanks of spirulina
and yeast, and whatever other microbes, that could
be utilized to produce basic foodstuffs thru

... tanks can be controlled, and organisms can
even be genetically engineered to do well
under the Martian sun

... there are many youtube videos about
possible pre-existing bases on Mars, and
the dark side of the moon, and I wonder
if this what the delay is really all about?

... oh, well, I'm never going to Mars, except
to wave as my soul flies by, on it's journey
to the edge of the material world

... each and everyone of us is on a space
journey, and our personal rocket launch is
when we die

... I'm pretty sure my soul isn't going to Mars,
but it is mind-blowing to think about humans
living and dying there

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu