belief in God

... what is a belief in God?

... many people who claim that they do not
believe in God, are almost always giving
a knee-jerk response in regards to the old nasty
cruel white bearded God of the Roman
Catholic religion

... I'm sorry they have been negatively
brainwashed that way, but admitttedly,
even I too, have rejected the old bearded
white man God

... but many, if not all of those, who deny
a creature superior to us, a God, will believe
in other mysterious controlling entities, including
the Devil, earth spirits, or whatever other genies
they've conjured up

... but to put it simply, God is conciousness, and
conciousness is the awareness of the passage of Time,
realizing that there is a past, present, and future,
and ultimately karma, the cosmic rule which binds
past, present, and future

... God exists in a higher, more pure dimensional set
from us, for His day-to-day enjoyment

... because of our our demand for a totally free-will,
God has demoted us from the higher dimensions, and stuck
us in a mortal world, which is sort of a prison, or school,
for free-wheeling souls

... here on earth, we learn the laws of karma

... Prabupada said that roughly 90% of all life in the
universe, is with God in the pure energy dimensions,
and only 10% of souls are held in material confinement,
like us here on earth

... additionally, he says that we are like an upside-down
tree, with our roots in heaven, but growing branches
in the material world

... branches which must be pruned off, to return to heaven

... any intelligent soul, once confronted with this
truth, will seek out the perfection of the higher
dimensions, and God

... the Buddhists and other mystical types, only
reach as far as the Great Brahman Effulgence, which
is the incredibly bright white light which bathes
the universe with the knowledge and power of Brahma

... they stop seeking God, mistaking the Brahman
Effulgence for God

... but there is something more, something beyond
the White Light, and that is a dimension of pure
energy, not contaminated by matter, and there
is life and conciousness there

... God, or His agents, display their prescence
to you by event sequences thru Time, and once
you see the magic of altering event sequences,
you begin to believe in a superior creature to
us humans

... from a scientific jargon point of view,
scientists are already beginning to describe
the world as a hologram, projected from the
edge of the universe, illuminated by the Brahman

... there is a creature, superior to us, who
can change or create the future, just by
thinking it, it is the source of all conciousness

... most people repress all the evidence of God's
existence into their sub-concious mind, but if you
go deep, the answers are there

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu