Sixty Symbols

... I don't watch youtube much, except for scientific
related videos

... my latest interest is in a series called
60 Symbols, a group of short videos explaining
physics concepts

... need to know what a neutrino is? Sixty
Symbols explains it

... they are produced by the University of
Notingham, England

... the name Sixty Symbols is in reference
to 60 mathematical symbols, which are used to
explain most of our physics.

... for instance, planck's constant, or pi, or G

... each of the professors get to choose their
favorite constant, and do a short video summarizing
it's value to physics

... if I were to choose a constant, that meant the most
to me, it would be i,
the square root of negative 1,
the first imaginary number

... even though you might think I would choose
infinity, because of my website graphics, you
would be wrong

... it is i, and it even has hidden
meaning the way the html is written

... the third eye, the imagination

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu