don't blame God for disasters

... in a friendly discussion with a Buddhist
friend of mine, on why he didn't believe in God,
with his main argument being: why would a good
God allow disasters

... so in God's defence
... as I have been moving higher up in dimensional
levels, I see that God is perfectly innocent of
all charges

... God deferred to mankind's demand for a Free
Will, and so being the Magnificence He Is, He
gave us our free will, with the buddhist caveat,
that we are responsible for what we create

... we must bear our own karma, that is how we

... the Buddha said: This arises, That becomes

... that is, in order to maintain the Free Will
of the human race, if human karma creates disaster,
then it must occur

... God asks that each soul on earth, re-evalute
their existential position, and realize that
heaven under God's rule, is far superior to
anything human's have going for themselves

... for one thing, in God's world, you do not
have to die ... that's better than here on earth

... so everyones had plenty of time to play with
their free wills, and some want to stay on earth,
what is God going to do?

... despite all the sufferings and Hell of earth,
some people actually want to stay here

... God just can't believe it, but He wants us
to have a free will, so the Illusion of Maya
goes on

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu