if you want the truth

... it's been an auspicious day, and I finally read
why, it's a blood red full moon tonight ... what

... I've been playing my Mantras for Precarious Times
album by Deva Premal ... she has a way with words,
to put it mildly

... that brings me to the point! Why worry. We all want
to attain enlightenment, and we find that the real
answer only comes at death

... I was wondering today, what the Ebola victims,
who are dying currently, are seeing in their
deliriums? In my estimation, I would think that
the angels of death are conversing with their
souls, karma, and desires ... getting them
ready for rebirth elsewhere

... it may very well be that Ebola victims
are getting the chance to go to heaven, or another
incarnation deemed suitable for them by Vishnu

... at my age, I'm not afraid of Ebola, because
it would be nice to check out of earth, and any
form of death will bring the angels, the agents of
Vishnu ... and that is what I want

... and then, I hope to plead my case to Vishnu,
to let me die, and transcend to the Vaikunthas,
where a higher species of beings will guide me
to Krishnaloka

... everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one
wants to die

... so I welcome Ebola, as a another way to die,
in the never-ending panthions of ways to die on
planet earth

... how is that, for a psychological condition?
No-guilt suicide by virus. Get to talk to God,

... I'm not afraid, but a school system panic,
where parents keep their kids home, out of fear,
may become a problem

... and so says the pure white moon, a mere 8 hours,
before it turns blood red

... yikes, I'm scaring myself

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu