why dosn't the moon spin?

... in the search of what the Truth is, we
come across a few odd facts, which we take
for granted, but when you think about it,
makes you question what reality actually

... like:

mommy, why is there a dark side
of the moon? Why dosn't the moon spin
like all the other planets and moons?

... when you finally get to the truth, you
come upon 1 perplexing question, and that is
once you realize that there are other sentient
creatures out there, that the human race is not
alone, would you willingly go to another star

... if it was a legitimate offer, from an
advanced civilization, who are on, or nearby
earth, right now, would you be willing to leave
earth behind, and fly, with them, to another planet?

... that thought occurred to me today.

... would I, be willing to leave earth with a
more advanced group of beings, to go to another
planet, forever leaving earth behind?

... the fine print is that you are
most likely to die on the other planet,
even though you get to live a long time

... it's just that you won't want to
come back to earth, after experiencing
life in the other world

... so goodbye all relatives, goodbye sports,
goodbye all the sweet things of earth, and
off to the other planet

... I'm trying to figure out, which of the
alien races were the ones who were behind
the Great Vedic periods in India,

.... who were the gods who gave Rama help?
Whom was behind the Vimana's, the flying
craft used back 10,000 BC, the end of the
last age?

... but the real question is this:
If assurred that you won't be dieing,
would you go to another planet, to live
until you die?

... that brings up another point, do not
think that space aliens are God

... God is everywhere, but His preferred
abode is in a non-material universe

... the space aliens, although maybe older
and wiser than us, are still mortal
beings in the material world

... they are in the same spiritual boat
as us humans, confined to a mortal body

... so all praise to the Great Visnu, and
I hereby state, that I, petition
for entrance into the Vaikunthas

... in the meantime, if you need me on
another planet, or moon, in the material
world, I'm willing to go.

... a space abduction cover story would
be fine with me

... my goal, is to find the Truth about
the vast ocean which surrounds us, or
die trying

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu