where do you live in Time?

... some people live in the past, in a world
constructed of their memories of past events,
always looking in their rear-view mirrors

... some people live in the future, ignoring
their present reality, in anticipation of
some future reward
... like living for the weekend, or
studying for 30 years to be a Doctor or Professor

... and some people just live in the Present

... but what exactly is the Present? Is it
just a few microseconds of Time? Or is it a
collection of events and ideas, which we have
localized into a little bubble of SpaceTime,
a little bubble of reality, a reality
in which we can play make believe that we
are never going to die, and that we can be
a human forever on earth

... the one good thing about the Present,
is that it gives us the ability to change the
future ... it gives us our Free Will, our
Will to create the future, unfettered by
social and economic pressures

... the choices you make in your mind, are
observed by the SuperSoul, the Paramatma,
or the Guardian Angel, if you like that

... me? I float around thru Past, Present,
and Future ... and the Buddha was right
when he said of Karma:
this arises, that becomes

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu