since the world's been turning

... I was reminded of a great old Billy Joel song
today, by the phrase: it's always been burning,
since the world's been turning

... It was from the song We Didn't Start the Fire.

... I was pondering about what the poetic meaning
of the phrase was. My first thought is that it
was referring to the earth's molten hot core,
and upon further reflection I rationalized that
no matter what the fire refers to, it
all is thanks to the molten core, otherwise
we never would have attained this lifeform
on the planet

... ultraviolet and cosmic rays would have
destroyed any DNA trying to form in the
primordial soup, unless something, a shield,
was raised to block off those treacherous
deep space waves and particles

... that shield was raised by the hot molten
iron core of the earth, which spins, confined
deep down below the earth's surface

... that spinning iron core is a giant magnet,
and generates a huge magnetic field, which
protects us ... they are called the Van Allen Belts

... if it wasn't for that fire down below,
surface life as we know it would not be possible
on earth

... I have had psychic encounters with the goddess
Pele, who the Hawaiins believe is the goddess
of the magma and hot core

... Pele is something else, and she likes it hot :-)

... so, where does that leave us, here, in the year
2014, on earth?

... all I can say is: We didn't start the fire,
and it's been burning since the world's been turning,
... I'm inclined to help keep the fire going, I'll
do what I can, but I won't jump into the volcano,
to save the earth's core, as a sacrifice to Pele

... of course, Pele says once you get used to the
heat, it ain't bad. Still, my future is not on earth,
so I must decline jumping into the volcano.

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu