is the Matrix real?

... I read today that FermiLab is about to conduct
some laser experiments to determine if the world
is actually composed of tiny little packets of
compressed information, even smaller than strings

... I heard another concept similar to this recently,
called folded universes, where a dimensional set
folds in on itself, so that it is infinitesimal
to an outside observer

... this folded dimensional set would correspond
to the worlds each of us humans envision in our
thoughts ... our thought projections into the future

... all our hopes and dreams, all encapsulated into
folded packets of information, and projected forward
toward the future ... a future which is a total mystery
to us, in the present

... we project our hopes, dreams, and desires onto
the ethereal fields, and then pray to the gods
above, that they come true, unfold, and manifest
themselves as real

... I think all of us already know, deep in our
subconcious, that it's true

... on earth, we were supposedly cursed to
earning our keep by the sweat of our brows,
but now many suspect there is something else to
gain sustenance from ... the Breatharian's Dream,
to absorb life energy directly from the cosmos.

... to live, sustained by God alone, with no
need for food

... now, that's a revolutionary dream which is
nicely wrapped up into a folded dimensional set,
and projected into the future

... I hope it is allowed to manifest

... I admitedly like to eat, but would gladly give
it up to be free of the eat/crap cycle we all are
stuck in

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu