the world's builtin imperfections

... no matter how hard Disney movies may
try to make you believe there is this perfect
world, there isn't, except in heaven

... almost all human endeavors not sanctioned
by God are doomed to fail

... the material world has been designed with
Murphy's Law incorporated right into the very
mainloop of the program we call life

... no matter hard hard anyone tries, to
build empires, great individual lives, or
whatever other monuments to mankind that their
egos can devise

... they all always fall in the end, it's designed
that way by the laws of karma

... Time plays out, and truths get revealed, and
the sheep just keep on grazing

... so, we got Murphy's Law builtin, and certain
death too, and that makes me think that any endeavor
other than transcending the earth plane of existence,
is a waste of human life

... even that endeavor, transcending the earth plane,
is self-limiting because with the knowledge I just
shared with you, do you think I would want to have children?

... no way, the future is so precarious I would not
feel good about putting any life, other than myself,
at risk by being born into the earth plane

... would anyone in their right minds want to come
back to earth in the near future?

... transcendence of the material world,
is the only acceptable path

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu