taking care of yourself

... we, our souls, are not our bodies, we
are only confined to our bodies

... the soul is eternal, and goes on,
but the body only lasts a short time,
and we must eventually let go of it.

... even though the body is only temporary,
and mortal, it is just a good practice,
to keep your confinement vessel in good
working order, until you leave it behind

... shower often, brush your teeth after
every meal, avoid unclean sex, eat right,
and all the other things your mother taught

... but, you cannot become vain, you must
remember that although the body can be made
to feel good, the soul must not get too attached
to it

... the one drawback of attaining enlightenment,
is that you gain the true understanding of
mortality, and that tarnishes the human experience

... everyone seems to be living in the NOW,
deluding ourselves into thinking that our human
existence will never end

... it's the we will all be young forever syndrome

... well, to sum it up: We are stuck in our bodies,
and it is to your benefit to make the experience
pleasant, while it lasts

... attaining an internal mental peace of mind,
is usually the first step

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu