odds and ends on a Saturday

... many bits of news are flying around out
there in psychic space, so much so, that
it seems to stay in a constant flux

... it never does settle down, to peace,
for any appreciable time period

... now, I hear the prediction that the
earth's population is predicted to be
11 billion, by the year 2100

... I was scared of hitting the 9 billion

... personally, I hope I die in the
Apophis asteroid hit in 2036... go out big

... but maybe the encroaching Ebola
virus will get me, or possibly I will
survive that ... they say it's 50-50,
and I feel strong now, and have enough
blubber to make it a week or 2 without

... as climate change theorists had
predicted, the NorthEast United States,
and the whole East Coast for that matter,
is seeing a record cool summer

... this is due to the ocean themocline
current, which brings warmth up from
the equator, being broken, by all
the fresh cold water pouring in from
the melting north polar ice

... as a consequence of the cool temps,
people are deluding themselves into
believing that climate change (global
warming in their terms), is not real

... but it is real, just look at the
droughts out West ... they are running
out of water, and better figure out how
to capture all that storm runnoff into

... heading in deeper, I saw a video
that says that anti-matter is ejected
in many solar flares from our sun

... I wonder if we could catch some of it?

... well, all this will make sense
somehow, Saturday is always in flux

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu