... I've been watching some lectures lately
on anti-matter, especially the ones by
Prof. Tara Shears, from the University
of Liverpool, and who is a member of CERN

... man, she has a way of explaining the
most complex topics, in an understandable

... after I saw her talk, my only thought was:
whew, I wish this woman could have my baby.

... anyways, back to anti-matter, and the current
particle physicist's view of our material world

... there is a real mystery, as to what happened
to it all, all the anti-matter, after the Big Bang,
or last regeneration of the material universe

... then there is the Dark Energy and Dark Matter,
and galactic gravity, which they cannot explain

... so, even Prof Tara admits, the Standard
Model works, but dosn't provide all the answers,
and she completely avoids the issue of what Time

... I've been getting glimpses into what the
truth is for me, and some newer more innovative
paradigms are emerging, which basically suggest
that the anti-matter is there, but hidden by
displacement in Time from our Present moment,
by a tiny fraction of a second, and the anti-matter
is going backwards thru Time

... what happens is that at each instant, our
Present moves forward one unit, and our Past
encounters the anti-matter, and annihilates

... this destroys all the parallel quantuum
event universes, which we created during the last
instant, except for 1 ... our manifested reality

... the net effect of all this, is a giant
matter wave, propagating forward, thru the
cosmic seas

... it's called the Time Wave, and kings
know how to surf it

... the cosmic ocean, is the medium

... learning to see the waves in the cosmic
ocean, is how you develope your Third Eye.

... sometimes it's smooth sailing, sometimes
gentle rollers, and sometimes giant breaking
monster waves

... but even in the chaos of a giant crashing
monster wave, you can survive, if you keep your

... Well, I just want to thank Vishnu and Brahma
for radiating such high levels of understanding
to the human race

... we sure could use anti-matter technology
here on earth, things are getting desperate

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu